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02. Teaching

2017-18 Coursework

Special Projects: Composition 

The Concert Press Release

The Department of Theatre and Dance is proud to present the 2017 Senior Choreographers’ Concert, entitled Spectrum.The concert is a showcase of nineteen choreographic works by student dancers within the department, who have been rehearsing throughout the fall semester. While learning all of the elements that go into presenting concert dance from choreographing to lighting and costume design, these students have also learned such applied fundamentals as leadership, time management, and the collaboration process.


Spectrum is typically defined as “an array of entities ordered in accordance with the magnitudes of a common physical property.” The student choreographers jointly agreed that this definition could also describe the process of dancers performing on stage, and further, the widely-ranged collection of works in the concert. Enveloping this kinetic array includes: the different stages of insomnia, inspiration for choreographer Brooklyn Collier; the five goddesses of Yoruba Mythology, a historically influenced work by Shondelle Webster, senior; the impact of having a loved one hospitalized, motivation for a work by Katherine Rubenacker and dedicated to her mother; celebrating the joyous moments of life with an Afro-Cuban sabor, by senior choreographer Ashya Mosely;  and the fight against resisting the darker aspects of life, creative incentive for choreographer, Cortney Nelsen.


Senior dance major, Justine Kennedy, has explored time, space, and energy finding in her choreographic process inspiration through abrupt change and will be presenting her premiere work, Fit in Flux. Justine’s twin sister, Justice Kennedy, as well a soon-to-be graduating dance major, will also be presenting a new work. It is best described in the following passage: “The most untampered-with-parts of you are the best parts of you, but those are the parts of you that you are probably not familiar with, yet. What is unexplainably exciting are those who so innocently stumble upon morsels of themselves.”


Junior dance major Sarah Olsen’s work, entitled Sacred, follows the journey of humans in search for something bigger than themselves. "To bare our souls is all we ask, to give all we have to life and the beings surrounding us." -Alex Grey.  Caitlyn Lane, also a junior dance major, describes her piece entitled Disconnection as: “There are moments where someone may be away from us. It is okay to be away from others. Comfort is found in knowing certain people will always be there when you need them, even though they may not always be in our daily lives.”


Other student choreographers presenting works include: Nicole Gibson, Stephon Williams, Eliezer Quarless, Carley Bonilla, Mikayla Pike, Devon Newsome, Kyristal Dawkins, Atiya Clarke, Luisanna Marte Olivo, and Kendall Hanrahan. Don’t miss Spectrum, the 2017 Student Choreographers’ Concert, presented by young artists; an event that is a viable and progressive sample of 21st century dance.

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