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02. Teaching

Fall 2019 Coursework

Special Projects: Composition 

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The Concert Press Release

The Department of Theatre and Dance is proud to present the Fall 2019 Student Choreographers’ Concert entitled Fusion. The concert is a showcase of student choreographed works by dance majors in the Department of Theatre and Dance and performed by SUNY Potsdam students. During the process the choreographers not only learn about their own choreographic process, but also about the production side of putting on concert dance. The performances will be taking place in the Dance Theater, located in the Performing Arts Center on November 22nd, 23rd, and 24th, 2019. With two programs, the shows will be as follows: Program A will be help at 7:30pm on the 22nd and at 2:00pm on the 23rd; Program B will be held the 23rd at 7:30pm and the 24th at 2:00pm. 


The word “fusion” is typically defined as, “The process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity.” To the student choreographers, this concert symbolizes the fact that “we all come from and are all on different roads, but in the end, we have joined together in unity, combining our various genres and movement vocabularies into this concert dance production.” To senior, Olivia Scata, Fusion is all about “celebrating diversity and uniqueness through choreography.” Don’t miss Fusion, the 2019 Student Choreographers’ Concert, presented by young artists; an event that is a progressive sample of 21st century dance.


In the Department of Theatre and Dance, students and professionals engage in creative problem solving, requiring the setting and meeting of long-term goals and the analysis and understanding of movement, dramatic literature, and arts administration skills. Faculty and students work closely in support of our active programs, which includes productions and events that are choreographed, directed, and managed by students, faculty members, and guest artists. These include faculty dance concerts, full-length plays, student choreographers' concerts, ten-minute play festivals, and TEDx SUNY Potsdam. 


From choreographing, directing, dancing and acting to designing and technical work, to arts management, the Department engages in highly collaborative arts endeavors. For more information about SUNY Potsdam’s Department of Theatre and Dance, visit:

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