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Around the end of the spring semester, SUNY Chancellor Kristina Johnson announced to the Presidents that David Levin, University Entrepreneur in Residence at Arizona State University was organizing the international conference for July, focusing on higher education’s pivot to remote, distance, and online instruction. Presenters were asked to do a 20-minute TED-like talk at this virtual event either highlighting faculty members gifted in online instruction or faculty who had addressed a particular issue or problem that they discovered in moving to online instruction. Nominations were sent to the SUNY Chancellor, and surprisingly, I was selected. Ninety speakers from around the world presented at the REMOTE: Connected Faculty Summit and over 50,000 faculty and administrators have attended.


Presentation Abstract  

“I wish to help dance faculty prepare for Fall 2020 by identifying the differences between teaching virtually and teaching in a face-to-face dance environment as well as ideas aimed toward building best practices in virtual dance instruction. I will also be highlighting the importance of community and collaboration as well as the importance of confidence building, motivation, and support for students.”


Feedback from Presentation

Letter From the Conference Convener

Dear Cynthia, 

A huge thank you for being part of REMOTE and congratulations 

on an incredible presentation. We were thrilled when Kristina Johnson nominated 

you as a speaker and I have to say your session surpassed my already high 

expectations. Plus, a virtual dance session was the perfect way to close REMOTE.  

First, some numbers from the overall event: we had final registration of 46,116 and 

25,999 unique attendees across the two days (57% of registrants attended!). This 

shows there was a real need from faculty to learn how to adapt to this new era. We 

are honored to have been able to share your expertise with so many of them.  

Your impact on attendees was invaluable, as you can see in the questions and chat 

entries from your session (attached). Your session had an amazing 614 live attendees. 

But as you know the core architecture of REMOTE was about having an online 

library (and we have more than 1,000 registrants post the event) and so we are sure

that the final tally of viewers will be much higher as a result of continued on-demand 

access to your wonderful presentation.  

I'd be really keen to hear any feedback from you about the event and direct 

comments you get - we are trying to think how best this concept can serve the 

development and dissemination of online and hybrid teaching pedagogies in the 

future.  Thank you again and I hope we stay in touch. 


About REMOTE: Connected Faculty Summit

REMOTE: The Connected Faculty Summit provides a forum to identify and promote the best possible pedagogy, techniques and tools by faculty for online and blended learning and to help faculty design the most engaging experience for learners. Hosted by Arizona State University, REMOTE is an independent conference supported by the ASU Foundation.

What is it?

On July 13 and 14, 2020, REMOTE: The Connected Faculty Summit hosted by ASU will showcase best practices, techniques, and tools to provide actionable insight to Higher Education faculty around the concept of “the best of online education.”  Attendees can access 80+ curated sessions of 30 minutes during two 4-hour days of simultaneous learning tracks.

Why Attend?

This virtual conference is free of charge for those involved in learning delivery (faculty and learning practitioners) as well as Administration worldwide.

REMOTE helps higher education faculty get ready for the challenge of teaching in what promises to be a complex and messy fall semester.  The virtual conference will showcase master practitioners across Higher Education, providing the opportunity to see how they lead their classes online and learn best practices by discipline. 

  • Discipline insights.  Sessions will be led by educators across Gen Ed - and you can pick up discipline specific tips from established online experts.

  • Increase student engagement. Sessions will include how to engage students virtually, ensure diversity and inclusion in the online classroom, and improve the effectiveness of mixed mode teaching, among other topics.

  • Build a network of support. Meet and engage with peers and experts, as in any in-person event. Participate in one-on-one sessions, one-to-many events, and virtual lounges to allow serendipity and connections to blossom.

  • Gain access to curated free resources to use in your courseware. Recorded sessions from the event itself will be available until the end of 2020.

  • Understand policy issues amid shifts in higher education. Ideal for deans, provosts, and administrators

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